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New Products Available!

ROC Medical has recently partnered with several new problem-solving medical device companies. Orthopedic surgeons specializing in Hand, Trauma, Foot & Ankle/Podiatry, Spine, Knee/Hip, or Shoulder are encouraged to explore our entire portfolio on our PRODUCTS page.


We help orthopedic surgeons access the best treatment options available for their patients, streamline their OR workflow, and feel confident utilizing modern innovations in med-tech.

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The Future of CMC Suspensionplasty Reconstruction

  • The Anchor Line Fixation System with Falcon Suture Clutch Technology allows you to perform CMC Suspensionplasty in fewer steps with secure fixation and hassle-free suture management.

  • No bone tunnels

  • No tendon harvesting

  • Single incision 

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Kinos Axiom Total Ankle

  • Addresses two major problems with competitive total ankle systems: postoperative instability and poor ROM

  • The first biomechanically accurate implant providing motion in all three anatomic planes

  • Design features to resist torsional loading, decrease stress on the  bearing surfaces, decrease likelihood of point/edge loading, and enhance coronal plane stability

  • Asymmetric, semi-congruent design​

  • Fixation perpendicular to the loading vector

  • Increased surface area for maximum bony integration

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