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  • Redefining Infection Prevention: FlowerCubes are pre-packaged and ready for use, eliminating costly pre-op sterilization. The instruments are robust, single-use, and new every time, eliminating the traditional wear and tear of instrumentation and post-op decontamination.

  • High Quality Orthopedic Implants: Flower Orthopedics delivers a diverse range of high-quality bone-fixation implants, designed for optimal performance and clinical excellence. More than 200 plates that can be used with locking and non-locking screws alike are available for ortho-trauma and reconstructive surgery.

  • Delivering Innovation, Simplicity & Value: Our unique Flower Ready-for-Surgery™ bone-fixation concept promises optimal case efficiency through standardization. Our product line showcases simplicity, versatility, and cost savings.


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