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Bio-integrative foot and ankle fixation products that remove metal implant-related complications while improving compression and pull-out resistance.

OSSIOfiber Trimmable Fixation Nail

  • 5x stronger than conventional bio-resorbables, 1.5x stronger than cortical bone

  • Implant fully integrates by 24 months

  • Benefits of bio-integrative OSSIOfiber: 

    • No foreign body reactions​

    • No removal risks or permanent implant associated risks

    • No stress shielding

  • Indicated for 15+ foot and ankle procedures​

  • 3.0 and 4.0 cannulated options, 2.4 and 4.0 solid core options


OSSIOfiber Hammertoe Fixation System

  • Same technique with breakthrough material technology

  • Small, medium and large sizes, in 0° or 10°

  • Outstanding follow up data:

OSSIOfiber Compression Staple

  • Better resistance to plantar gapping than nitinol staples

  • Greater compressive force than nitinol staples

  • See the fusion, not the implant

  • The ONLY trimmable bone staple that allows customizable leg lengths

  • Available in 3 trimmable sizes:

    • 15x15mm​

    • 20x20mm

    • 25x22mm

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