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Unique thread geometry gives you purchase unlike any other screw, even in compromised bone


7.0mm & 8.0mm Cannulated Fastener Set

  • Fully threaded and variable thread screw fasteners

  • UnifiMI technology resists multi-planar and multi-directional loads through Mechanical Integration. 

  • Optimized variable thread length 7.0mm fastener redefines sacroiliac fixation with full bone purchase across the depth of the sacrum.

  • Differentiated 8.0mm provides nearly 40% more bone volume engagement compared to a 7.0mm.

  • 7.0mm: 60 – 180mm lengths in 5mm increments 

  • 8.0mm: 60 – 130mm lengths in 5mm increments


Proximal Humerus System

  • UnifiMI technology resists multi-planar and multi-directional loads.

  • Designed to engage twice as much bone when loaded in any direction as compared to standard screws.

  • 4.0mm fastener improves bone capture and engagement in good and compromised bone.

Integrity-SI Fusion System

  • BladeX allows surgeons to aggressively decorticate the SI joint - creating a massive zone for fusion to occur

  • Improved load sharing and stability to an already proven, minimally invasive, single or dual implant SI fusion approach

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