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Best-in-market joint arthroplasty for shoulder, knee, hip and more


The anatomically-based, data-driven AltiVate Reverse system incorporates enhanced fixation technologies and precision instrumentation for superior fit in more patients.


Elevating the 10-year clinical success of the RSP®, the first reverse shoulder design to successfully incorporate a center of rotation (COR) lateral to the glenoid, DJO Surgical introduces its latest Extremity Solution. The AltiVate Reverse system incorporates an optimized stem design based on anatomic studies with CT scans for determination of shell-to-stem position as well as the ability to best match patient anatomy for anatomic total and reverse total shoulder constructs. The enhanced fixation technologies and precision instrumentation ensure the AltiVate Reverse stem will have a superior fit in more of your patients.

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1. Drop-and-Go Technology™
Patent pending trilobe design provides enhanced fixation on the peripheral pegs.
2. E+ Glenoid
Moderately crosslinked vitamin E polyethylene formulated to maintain strength and reduce wear rates.
3. Proximal Fins
Impart initial stability, facilitate stem alignment and include suture hole options for enhanced soft tissue fixation.
4. P2 Porous Coating
Aids in the apposition of bone for superior in-growth results.
5. Surface Finish
Optimized layout for bone in-growth above the metaphyseal-diaphyseal junction and smooth finish below to discourage bone on-growth.



The AltiVate® Anatomic CS EDGE® Shoulder is designed to preserve more bone and be less invasive than traditional shoulder stems with diaphyseal incursion. The shorter stem length allows for maximal humeral preservation while simplifying the implant placement by eliminating the variables introduced by the diaphyseal geometry.

Along with the canal-sparing stem length, the windows in the humeral stem collar are features to aid in revision surgeries. The open window design allows accessibility to the porous coating while providing surgeons more flexibility to accommodate a variety of instrumentation options.



Tri-Taper™ Design for increased stability and reduced trauma in less invasive hip approaches

Less invasive approaches to total hip surgery can be advantageous to patients due to the reduction in soft tissue trauma and the potential for earlier recovery. However, these techniques necessarily result in a surgical window with restrictive geometry which can complicate insertion and placement of traditional length femoral components. DJO Surgical designed the TaperFill™ femoral stem with a shortened overall length and an anatomically congruent, Tri-Taper profile to ease insertion, prevent subsidence and achieve stability.



EMPOWR Dual Mobility™ is engineered for enhanced joint stability and helps reduce risks of dislocation by offering the largest assembled head for a given cup size1. Its robust locking mechanism aided by the uniquely designed dome peg and locking tabs helps in achieving a robust cup-liner engagement, which enhances corrosion resistance and helps build surgeon confidence.2 Liner installation is hassle-free and as easy as “rotate, drop, and lock”. These features, when combined with ONE tray instrumentation, provide a unique and efficient solution that a modern practice demands.

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The designers of the EMPOWR 3D Knee™ were among the first to study the knee during early flexion, providing new insight into how the natural knee functions. The combination of this new knowledge with previous research of deep knee flexion led to a knee replacement design which provides inherent anterior-posterior knee stability and recreates the motion patterns of the natural knee. The EMPOWR 3D Knee addresses natural motion throughout a full range of motion, from early to deep flexion, creating a more natural feeling knee for the patient.

Designed based on the success of the 3DKnee™, the EMPOWR 3D Knee™ System leverages over 10 years of clinical success and a demonstrated history of natural kinematics.



The EMPOWR Porous™ Knee combines DJO’s proprietary advanced porous coating, P2™ with the EMPOWR Knee System’s modern kinematic design philosophy. The EMPOWR Porous Knee System is the culmination of decades of research and clinical experience resulting in data-driven materials optimized to enhance early fixation, while creating an ideal environment for immediate and long-term biologic fixation.

  1. P2 Porous Coating

    Aids in the apposition of bone for superior in-growth results.

  2. Cruciform Pegs

    Peripherally placed to provide initial component fixation and stability.

  3. Asymmetric Baseplate Design

    Designed to maximize cortical coverage and prevent overhang.

  4. Tri-flange Bladed Keel

    Bone sparing geometry optimized for cementless knee replacement. Designed to provide rotational stability and enhance initial fixation.


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